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Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10

Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10: A Powerful Sound Module Plugin for Music Production

If you are looking for a versatile and comprehensive sound module plugin that can handle any musical genre and style, you might want to check out Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10. This plugin is a virtual instrument that offers a huge collection of sounds, effects and instruments that can be used in any DAW or host application. Whether you need realistic acoustic sounds, expressive synthesizers, groovy drum kits or atmospheric pads, Hypersonic Vsti V10 has it all.

Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10

What is Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10?

Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10 is the latest version of the popular sound module plugin by Steinberg, a leading company in the music software industry. Hypersonic Vsti V10 is based on four different sound engines: analog, FM, wavetable and sample player. Each engine has its own characteristics and features that allow you to create a wide range of sounds and timbres. You can also combine and layer different engines to create complex and rich sounds.

Hypersonic Vsti V10 comes with 1.7 GB of samples and 1,800 factory presets that cover almost every musical style from dance to classical. You can browse the presets by category, such as bass, guitar, piano, strings, brass, etc. You can also create your own presets and save them for later use. The plugin has a polyphonic arpeggiator and an extensive effects section that can enhance your sounds with reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, distortion and more.

How to use Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10?

Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10 is easy to use and intuitive. You can load it as a plugin in your DAW or host application and start playing right away. The plugin has a user-friendly interface that shows you the main parameters of each sound engine, such as oscillator, filter, envelope, LFO, etc. You can tweak these parameters using the Hyperknobs at the bottom of the display. The Hyperknobs are also MIDI learnable, so you can assign them to your MIDI controller for real-time control.

You can also access more advanced settings and options by clicking on the Edit button. This will open a new window where you can edit each sound engine in detail, such as changing the waveform, modulation matrix, effects routing, etc. You can also edit the sample player engine by loading your own samples or changing the pitch, loop points, velocity layers and more.

Hypersonic Vsti V10 supports up to 1,024 voices, 32 stereo outputs and 16 MIDI channels per instance. This means you can use multiple instances of the plugin in your project and assign them to different tracks or buses. You can also use the plugin as a standalone application if you prefer.

Why choose Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10?

Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10 is a powerful sound module plugin that can meet your musical needs and expectations. It offers a phenomenal sonic variety that can suit any genre and style. It is also easy to use and flexible, allowing you to customize your sounds and create your own presets. It is also compatible with most DAWs and host applications, making it a versatile tool for music production.

If you want to learn more about Steinberg Hypersonic Vsti V10, you can visit the official website or watch this tutorial video. You can also download a free trial version of the plugin and try it out for yourself.


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