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Mundhanai Mudichu Tamil Movie Free Download

Mundhanai Mudichu Tamil Movie

Mundhanai Mudichu (transl. Saree Knot) is a 1983 Indian Tamil-language romantic comedy film directed and written by K. Bhagyaraj, who also stars alongside Urvashi (in her major Tamil debut). The film focuses on Parimala, a mischievous girl, who falls in love with a widower who works as a teacher in the village.

The film was produced by AVM Productions and music by Ilayaraja. It was released on 22 July 1983 and became a major box office success, netting 40 million against a budget of 3 million and running for over 25 weeks in theatres, thus becoming a silver jubilee film. It won the Cinema Express Award for Best Film Tamil, and Bhagyaraj won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor Tamil.


The film was remade in Telugu as Moodu Mullu (1983), in Hindi as Masterji (1985) and in Kannada as Halli Meshtru (1992). The original film was also dubbed in Telugu as Vaadante Pelli.


Parimalam, a school drop-out, is a mischievous and nubile girl who perennially plays pranks on unsuspecting people in her village, aided by her gang of preteen boys. These pranks often end her and the gang in the panchayat, which is headed by her father. An unnamed man with an infant child is appointed as the new teacher of the village's only school. When he comes to the village with his infant for the job, he is not spared from Parimala's pranks upon his arrival. The teacher takes classes by holding the book in one hand and rocking the cradle with the other in the classroom, much to the amusement of the villagers who call him "Vaathiyar".

Parimalam's playful nature transforms into love when she learns that Vaathiyar is a widower. She tries many ways to win his love, but fails every time. Vaathiyar believes that a stepmother would not take proper care of his child from his first wife, and even rejects a proposal to marry his deceased wife's sister. The deceased wife's last words that he should take care of the child well after she dies keep echoing in his ears often.

Parimalam visits Vaathiyar and openly requests him to marry her, but he rejects her and throws her out. Deciding to marry him by any means possible, she lies to her father and the villagers that Vaathiyar had sex with her, knowing that the panchayat would order him to marry her to preserve her chastity.

Vaathiyar is shocked by this accusation and denies it vehemently, but Parimalam produces a saree knot (mundhanai mudichu) as evidence, claiming that he tied it around her waist after their intercourse. The panchayat believes her and orders Vaathiyar to marry Parimalam. He reluctantly agrees, but vows to make her life miserable as revenge.

After their marriage, Vaathiyar treats Parimalam coldly and ignores her. He also refuses to consummate their marriage or accept her as his wife. Parimalam tries to win his affection by taking care of his child and doing household chores, but he remains indifferent. He even attempts to leave the village with his child, but Parimalam stops him by threatening to commit suicide.

One day, Parimalam finds out that Vaathiyar's first wife had died due to complications during childbirth, and that he had blamed himself for her death. She also learns that he had married her only because she was pregnant with his child. She realizes that he still loves his first wife and feels guilty for lying about having sex with him.

Parimalam decides to confess the truth to Vaathiyar and ask for his forgiveness. She writes a letter to him explaining everything and leaves it on his desk. However, before he can read it, the letter is accidentally burnt by a candle. Parimalam is heartbroken and decides to leave him for good.

She packs her bags and boards a bus to leave the village. Vaathiyar, who has been searching for her, sees her on the bus and runs after it. He manages to catch up with the bus and stops it. He climbs on board and confronts Parimalam. He asks her why she is leaving him and tells her that he loves her. He also reveals that he had read her letter before it was burnt and that he forgives her for lying to him.

Parimalam is overjoyed and hugs him. They reconcile and express their love for each other. The film ends with them getting off the bus and walking away happily, holding hands.


  • K. Bhagyaraj as Vaathiyar

  • Urvashi as Parimalam

  • Unni Mary as Vaathiyar's first wife

  • Poornima Jayaram as Vaathiyar's sister-in-law

  • Sujitha as Vaathiyar's child

  • Thavakkalai as Parimalam's friend


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