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HDFC Moneyback Plus Credit Card Review – As per its name, MoneyBack means cashback on shopping, It mainly focuses on providing the facility to earn cash points on everyday spending. This Card allows earning 10X Cash Points on shopping from Amazon, BigBasket, Flipkart, Reliance Smart SuperStore & Swiggy.

it could be a fantastic Credit card for you to save your cash while online or offline shopping. it is a fully CashPoints Based Card. Whenever you use the card, it every time provides cash points for spending everywhere. Even, EMI Shopping too.

This card also provides additional HDFC Bank Features, for instance, Additional Features Zero lost Card liability on any fraudulent transactions, Total 50 days of interest-free period, Revolving Credit, Fuel Surcharge Waiver, and 15% off on dining bills at luxury hotels.

Through the blog, we are going to share with you a complete review of the HDFC Moneyback Plus Credit Card and it will clear your doubts such as Moneyback Plus Benefits, Card Limit, Eligibility, And Charges.

HDFC Moneyback Plus Credit Card Offers And Benefits

It could be one of the best cash points and milestone-based entry-level cards by HDFC Bank for you. it continuously provides everyday spending benefits and gifts. such as Exclusive Reward Points, Cashbacks, E-Gift Vouchers, and Fuel Surcharge Waivers.

Moreover, it provides up to 10X Cash Reward Points on using and purchasing stuff from these popular selected Online stores, below, we mention the list of E-Store –

  • Amazon

  • BigBasket

  • Flipkart

  • Reliance Smart SuperStore

  • Swiggy

For Big Purchases to make it easier, it offers Smart EMI Facility And 5X CashPoints on EMI spending Features. For All Types of Shopping by using this MoneyBack Plus Credit Card, you can earn upto 2 CashPoints Reward On Each purchase of upto ₹150. However, it does not offer cash points on a few stuff such as fuel Purchasing, E-wallet loads, prepaid card loads, and Gift E-Voucher Buying.

Apart from Cash Points Program, it also offers a few features such as a Discount of Up to 15% as a dining benefit on 2000+ premium restaurants in select cities, 500 Cash Points as a welcome gift, ₹2,000 worth of gift E-vouchers in a year, and up to1% reFueling Surcharge waiver benefit on fuel transactions.

it could be a fantastic card for you. it offers plenty of benefits, milestones, and cash back with the lowest annual charge of ₹500.


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