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Hot Shot Tagalog Version Full Videok

Hot Shot Tagalog Version Full Video

Hot Shot is a Taiwanese drama series that aired in 2008. It stars Jerry Yan, Show Lo, Wu Chun, and Zhou Cai Shi. The story revolves around a basketball team that faces various challenges and conflicts as they pursue their dreams of becoming champions.


The drama was dubbed in Tagalog and broadcasted in the Philippines by ABS-CBN in 2009. It became a hit among Filipino viewers who enjoyed the comedy, romance, and action scenes of the show. The drama also featured some original songs by the cast members, such as "Basketball" by Show Lo and "Hot Shot" by Jerry Yan and Wu Chun.

If you want to watch the full episodes of Hot Shot in Tagalog, you can find them online on Bilibili, a Southeast Asian video-sharing platform. Bilibili offers free HD videos of various anime, comics, and games (ACG) content, including Hot Shot. You can also interact with other fans and creators on the site.

To watch Hot Shot on Bilibili, you can follow these steps:

  • Create an account on Bilibili by clicking [here].

  • Log in to your account and search for "Hot Shot Tagalog" on the search bar.

  • Select the episode you want to watch from the results. You can also browse the videos by category or by uploader.

  • Enjoy watching Hot Shot in Tagalog with high-quality video and sound.

Here are some links to the first three episodes of Hot Shot in Tagalog:

  • [HOT SHOT episode 1 (PINOY)]

  • [1. Hot Shot/Tagalog Dubbed Episode 01 HD]


We hope you enjoy watching Hot Shot in Tagalog and have fun with the ACG community on Bilibili.


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