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Tamburin 1 Lehrerhandbuch Pdf Do

Tamburin 1 Lehrerhandbuch Pdf Do

Tamburin 1 Lehrerhandbuch is a teacher's handbook for the textbook Tamburin 1, which is designed for children aged seven to ten who are learning German as a foreign language. The handbook provides practical tips for teaching, transcriptions of the audio texts and exercises for pronunciation, and a summary of the lesson plan. The handbook is available in PDF format from [WorldCat], [Hueber Verlag], and [Hueber].


What is Tamburin 1?

Tamburin 1 is the first volume of a three-volume textbook series for teaching German to children. The textbook consists of eight lessons that cover topics such as introducing oneself, family, school, friends, and games. The textbook also includes songs, stories, and cultural information about Germany. The textbook aims to develop the children's listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in German, as well as their intercultural awareness and curiosity.

How to use Tamburin 1 Lehrerhandbuch?

The teacher's handbook is a useful resource for planning and conducting lessons based on Tamburin 1. The handbook contains the following sections:

  • Introduction: This section explains the target group, structure, contents, formal aspects, and intercultural approach of the textbook.

  • Lesson plan summary: This section provides an overview of the objectives, contents, activities, and materials for each lesson.

  • Teaching tips: This section offers detailed suggestions for teaching each unit of each lesson, including examples of dialogues, questions, games, and exercises.

  • Transcription of the audio texts: This section contains the scripts of all the dialogues, listening texts, songs, and stories that are recorded on the audio cassettes or CDs.

  • Exercises for pronunciation: This section contains additional exercises for practicing the sounds and intonation of German.

The teacher's handbook can be used in conjunction with the audio cassettes or CDs, which contain all the recorded material for the textbook. The teacher can also use other supplementary materials such as flashcards, posters, puppets, or realia to make the lessons more interactive and engaging.

Why choose Tamburin 1 Lehrerhandbuch?

Tamburin 1 Lehrerhandbuch is a valuable tool for teachers who want to teach German to young learners in a fun and effective way. The handbook provides clear guidance and support for using the textbook in various settings and situations. The handbook also helps teachers to adapt the textbook to the needs and interests of their students. By using Tamburin 1 Lehrerhandbuch, teachers can create enjoyable and meaningful learning experiences for their students.


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